Collectif de la Cité, Frédérique Beaulie

Frédérique and Marie-Pier met a few years ago while they were playing together for the “Elvis Experience" show, under the direction of Martin Fontaine. Their cello playing fit together perfectly and they quickly realized that their connection went beyond the music. This is how they became the two inseparable cellists of the “Elvis Experience” production and how Marie-Pier discovered not only a great musician, but also a genuine, generous and passionate woman. Frédérique holds a Master's degree in Classical performance and has had the chance to participate in multiple advanced workshops, notably at the Domaine Forget Academy, with Jean Deplace, Philippe Muller, Martin Ostertag and Walter Joachim. Very active as a freelancer, she is sought after for her versatility. She is a founding member of the Piacella Trio and has also collaborated extensively with popular artists. We recently saw her on stage in Keith Kouna's fabulous winter travel show.

Collectif de la Cité - Violoniste et vio

A word from Frédérique

Pour moi, faire partie du Collectif de la Cité, c'est...