Collectif de la Cité, Louis-Solem Perot,

Louis-Solem grew up in Montreal before coming to Quebec in 2014 to study with Blair Lofgren at the Conservatoire de musique de Québec. Quickly, he became involved in the emerging musical scene of the city. He co-founded many ensembles such as L’Aurore (song), Bison Eyes (folk) and Les Indiscipliné.es (multi-art collective), as well as joined Les Évadés (jazz-world), in addition to collaborating with various artists. He also quickly became known as an arranger on several albums (Anne and the Tiger, Fria Moeras, Leela) in addition to having co-produced Anthony Roberge's debut album. He is also the co-founder of the booking company Quaribou Musique which he manages with Philippe Bourque. His skills as a stage musician, studio musician, arranger, director, event organizer, composer, and artistic designer sets him apart and leads him to collaborate with many artists.

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A word from Louis-Solem

Pour moi, faire partie du Collectif de la Cité, c'est...