Marie-Noëlle started playing the violin even before beginning elementary school. For more than twenty-five years, she received classical training with teachers and professors including Nicole Trottier, a founding member of the Violons du Roy. She developed a particular affinity for early and baroque music, which led her to found the trio Les Enlumineuses, in which she acts today as violist. At the same time, a peformance during the New France Festival in Quebec City brought about a new curiosity for Celtic music, and she now explores composition and world rhythms with the group Bonhomme Setter. For more than fifteen years, Marie-Noëlle has co-directed the Anne-Hélène Chevrette violin school in Quebec City, bringing together more than 120 violinists, violists and cellists. Her weekly work with so many aspiring string players allows her to pass on her passion for the violin, the viola and the string orchestra to her students.

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