From classical quartets and jazz trios to Celtic duos and baroque cello, we love all kinds of music with strings. We believe they fit everywhere, whether for corporate event, your wedding, a performance at your house or a public concert in a hall.

Our music, for you



Whether as a duet, trio or string quartet, our music adds the perfect touch to a ceremony or cocktail, in addition to reminding your guests just how much you value their presence at your event.



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Because the success of your event is as important to us as it is to you. Because customer satisfaction is at the heart of our priorities, our team will do everything possible to make your day magical.


These intimate concerts presented in your home are our little gems! As they are a unique opportunity for a musical dialogue, they allow us to create personalized programs just for you, dear music lover! You also have the option to choose among our 6 concert themes.

Our music at your place



A moment for love

‘What an extraordinary moment spent with this talented trio. My partner was touched by this extraordinary musical moment. What a nice way to celebrate an anniversary, I highly recommend.’

- Marie-Josée -


You are looking to add a concert to your cultural programming? Let yourself be won over by one of our 6 concert themes, featuring string instruments. Cultural centers, libraries, outdoor stages, churches, we perform everywhere!


Chamber music & cinema

Let yourself be comforted by the music from your favorite movies revisited in the colors created only by a string quartet. Generally composed for orchestra, the music of these cinematographic works holds an intimate character that will carry you across the classics of 20th century cinema.

In a string quartet or string trio format

Tango & Passion

Let us take you to the Buenos Aires of the end of the 19th century with this concert featuring 100 % tango music! Our arrangements for string quartet of the greatest classics of this genre, from Pugliese to Piazzola, will make you shiver with emotions, ranging from sensuality to passion.

In a string quartet or string trio format

From the King’s Court to Queen

Discover the infinite possibilities of the string quartet, a musical formation developed by Haydn during the 18th century. Works by great classical and romantic composers, as well as revisited jazz, rock and pop tunes are part of this concert that shares both classicism and modernism!

In a string quartet or string trio format

Celtic Journey

Journey through the traditional music of Brittany, Ireland and Scotland through the violin, emblematic instrument of Celtic countries. Discover how this traditional music influenced the compositions of violinist Marie-Noëlle Harvey and listen in awe to the colors she creates with cellist Marie-Pier Gagné!

In a violin & cello duet format


Bach and the Cello

Discover how the cello carved its place as a solo instrument in Germany during the Baroque period. On the program of this commented concert: excerpts from the famous Bach Cello Suites performed by Alejandro Calzadilla and Marie-Pier Gagné.

In a cello duet format

Concert spirituel

From Rameau to Berlioz, le Concert spirituel, prestigious Parisian concert series, heightened the musical life of the French metropolis. Dive into the heart of Paris during this concert presented by the Baroque duet « La Fougade » with violinist Émilie Taillon-Desrochers and guitarist Charles Galipeau.

In a duet violin & guitar/theorbo format

Collectif de la Cité, quatuor à cordes pour événements


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Studio sessions, videos, commercials, arrangements for strings ... Our musicians are so versatile that the possibilities are endless!


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