These intimate concerts presented in your home are our little gems! As they are a unique opportunity for a musical dialogue, they allow us to create personalized programs just for you, dear music lover! You also have the option to choose among our 6 concert themes.

Collectif de la Cité, concerts de salon

Our music at your place

Collectif de la Cité: violonistes et violoncellistes pour votre événement


A moment for love

‘What an extraordinary moment spent with this talented trio. My partner was touched by this extraordinary musical moment. What a nice way to celebrate an anniversary, I highly recommend.’

- Marie-Josée -


You are looking to add a concert to your cultural programming? Let yourself be won over by one of our 6 concert themes, featuring string instruments. Cultural centers, libraries, outdoor stages, churches, we perform everywhere!

Collectif de la Cité, concerts en quatuor à cordes
Collectif de la Cité, concert quatuor à cordes

Chamber music and the 7th art

Let yourself be comforted by the music of your favorite films revisited under the colors of the string quartet. Generally composed for large orchestra, the music of cinematographic works takes on an intimate character during this concert which will take you on a journey through the classics of 20th century cinema.

In quartet or string trio format

Collectif de la cité, concert tango

Nordic folklore

Result of the alliance between Scandinavian and Quebec folk traditions, this concert is a joyous epic through our deep roots which venture to meet a foreign musical and sound universe. This concert performed by Simon Alexandre and Lise-Marie Riberdy presents typically Scandinavian bowed string instruments. The repertoire is drawn from the oral traditions of the two cultures, but is also made up of original compositions, where elements of the two styles intertwine and collide to shed new light on these immemorial traditions.

In duo formula violin & nyckelharpa/hardangerfela

Collectif de la Cité, concert quatuor à cordes

From the court of Kings to Queen

Discover the infinite possibilities of the string quartet, this musical formation consecrated by Haydn from the 18th century. Works by great classical and romantic composers as well as revisited jazz, rock and pop pieces are on the menu of this concert between classicism and modernity!

In quartet or string trio format

Collectif de la Cité, concert celtique

Celtic stories

Explore the musical traditions of Brittany, Ireland and Scotland guided by the violin, the emblematic instrument of the Celtic countries. Discover how this traditional music influenced the composers of the Baroque era and how it continues to influence the compositions of violinist Marie-Noëlle Harvey. Let yourself be surprised by the colors of the duet she forms with cellist Marie-Pier Gagné!


As a violin & cello duo

Collectif de la Cité, concert pour deux violoncelles

Bach and the cello

Discover how the cello found its place as a solo instrument in Baroque-era Germany. On the program of this concert with commentary: excerpts from Bach's essential Suites for solo cello performed by Louis-Solem Pérot and Marie-Pier Gagné.

In duo two formula  cellos

Collectif de la Cité, concert violon et guitare

Paris in the Enlightenment

From Rameau to Berlioz, the Concert Spirituel, a prestigious series of concerts in Paris, has energized the musical life of the French metropolis. Immerse yourself in the heart of Paris during this concert presented by the baroque duo La Fougade made up of violinist Émilie Taillon-Desrochers
& guitarist Charles Galipeau.

In duo formula  violin & guitar/theorbo

Collectif de la Cité, quatuor à cordes pour événements


Create your custom made concert!



You have a specific concert project in mind and would like to choose the theme or repertoire yourself? It will be our pleasure to accompany you in the creation of the event designed especially for you!