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Because we believe that the art surrounding us illuminates everyone's daily life.

Because we admire the creations of such talented local artisans.

Because we are convinced that together, we can do great things.

This is why the Collectif de la Cité has chosen to develop an online store. Led by an ever-growing desire for collaboration, we make sure we partner with artists who share our values ​​and who touch us with their sensitivity. Sometimes chosen for their delicacy, sometimes selected for their comforting aspect, the products available highlight local talents.

If you needed another good reason to shop with us, 100 % of sale proceeds from the items in our online boutique will be reinvested in the Résonance initiative!

Happy shopping!



Collectif de la Cité  +  Marie Lamonde-Simard


Visual artist

Marie Lamonde-Simard is a curious artist whose approach continuously evolves. Attributing less importance to the object, she focuses more and more on inclusive human relationships. Art workshop leader and cultural mediator at the Joujouthèque Basse-Ville, she prioritizes teamwork and diversity, and is particularly interested in interdisciplinary forms in a social and ecological context. Through culture, she hopes that lasting bonds can be made between individuals, thus giving them the feeling they belong to a community, regardless of their differences.

Collectif de la Cité + Catherine Lebel-Ouellet



Catherine Lebel Ouellet lives and works in Quebec, her hometown. After studying photography at the Cégep de Matane, she went into exile for two years in London, England, where she continued her photographic research in the area. Upon her return to Quebec, the desire to study art in a more comprehensive way led her to undertake studies in Art History at the Université Laval. Concurrently, she was introduced to ceramics from an early age attending workshops for the general public. The practice of ceramics has never left her and returns to her life sporadically throughout the years. In 2017, she decided to go back to school to study arts and crafts, specifically ceramics, at the Maison des Métiers d'Arts de Québec in order to expand her knowledge. Accumulating more than 10 years of turning practice, she has taught this discipline for three years at the ceramic center of Sainte-Foy. She has an artistic practice in photography as well as ceramics, and also produces series of utility pieces.

Collectif de la Cité _ Marie-Noëlle Harv


Graphic designer

In addition to navigating the world of music from a very young age, Marie-Noëlle has also been evolving in the world of graphic design for more than twenty years, making her the perfect person to take care of the Collectif's image. She likes to say that her job is "to create beauty... for the eyes as well as for the ears". After working for many years as a graphic designer in a pioneering children's fashion company in Quebec, she launched her graphic design company in 2019 with her younger sister: Soul Mates. Endowed with a marked artistic sensibility and an effervescent creativity, she has an eye for the simple details. She knows how to highlight the little things that make a big difference and enjoys creating a strong, refined and coherent brand image.

Are you an artist and would like to offer us a product bearing the effigy of the Collectif de la Cité? Contact us without delay. We're excited to hear about your great idea!

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