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Collectif de la Cité : Violonistes, Altistes et Violoncellistes pour vos événements



Pascale is a queen of the stage. Pleasure, elegance, professionalism, she reflects all that when she plays the violin. Doing a show alongside her means being inspired by positive energy from start to finish! It is not for nothing that she has accompanied so many artists; Lara Fabian, Michael Bublé, Roch Voisine, DISTURBED, 2CELLOS, Véronic Dicaire, Michel Fugain, Isabelle Boulay, Robert Charlebois, Lynda Lemay, George Perris, Marie-Élaine Thibert, Maxime Landry and Kevin Parent are just a few names on the long list people with whom Pascale has collaborated. A fan of country, disco and good pop, musical pleasure is guaranteed when you travel from Montreal to Quebec at 1 a.m. in his company. A nature lover, she dreams of her rowboat and a calm lake when she finds herself in the whirlwind of a series of shows. Her great open-mindedness and her concern for the people around her make her an extremely attentive ear to others, both when she plays music and when we talk to her about our major projects or our concerns in life. Finally, Pascale is a precious friend who, when we play with her, makes sure that we come back from working with a bad thing I play because we laughed too much!

A word from Pascale

For me, being a part of the Collectif de la Cité means...

pooling everyone's talent. A space to create, to question oneself without judgment and to give oneself the tools to set up creative projects.


Collectif de la Cité : Notre musique pour vos événements


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