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Winter wedding inspiration - M & J's wedding

Back in February, our Toronto wedding musicians had the pleasure of celebrating M & J’s wedding not only once, but on two different occasions! Our string musicians first played as a trio (violin, viola & cello) for the wedding ceremony outside of Toronto in a very winter-fairytale décor that was exactly what the couple was going for in the middle of the winter. Two days later, we got to play music for them and their families as a wedding string quartet this time to entertain the cocktail hour before the big reception!

During M & J's wedding ceremony, our team of string wedding musicians had the honor of setting the stage with melodies that echoed the depth of their love. As the couple exchanged vows, our wedding musicians delicately underscored each moment with music, creating an atmosphere filled with emotion and romance. It was a truly touching experience that highlighted the significance of their special day.

Moving onto the reception at the magnificent Casa Loma, our wedding music ensemble continued to enchant guests with their performances. It was an inspiring experience to fill such a grand venue with music, adding an extra layer of beauty to an already enchanting evening.

The musical repertoire for each event was carefully curated to suit the mood and ambiance. For the ceremony, our wedding ceremony musicians had the pleasure of playing selections from M & J's favorite musicals, infusing the air with melodies that held special meaning for the couple. As the celebration continued with the reception, the music took on a more lively tone, with upbeat tunes setting the stage for a festive gathering.

In addition to their favorite musical moments, M & J had unique requests that added a personal touch to the proceedings. From beloved tunes from classic musicals to nostalgic hits from years gone by, each song was chosen with care to reflect the couple's tastes and personalities.

These special touches, combined with the stunning settings of both the ceremony and reception, created an unforgettable experience for all involved. It was an honor to be a part of M & J's wedding celebration, and we cherish the memories of making wedding music that will last a lifetime.

Photo credits : Fedora Media Photography



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