How? By taking inspiration from the social enterprise model, we redistribute a part of our incomes in order to put forward a project that is very close to our hearts, that of giving the arts back to the community. We are therefore launching the Résonance initiative in order to cultivate innovative ways of offering our music to the general public and to those who would not have immediate access, while continuing to excel in the area that has made our reputation since 2018: offering a high-end service to bride and groom, as well as to our private and corporate clients.


By choosing to work with us, you are choosing to invest in communities

Collectif de la Cité : projet Résonance
Le Collectif de la Cité présente le projet Résonance : offrir la musique à la communauté
Le Collectif de la Cité souhaite faire rayonner la musique auprès des clientèles de tous les âges, de tous les milieux.


We create exceptional musical moments for the people and communities around us through the high-level performances of our string ensembles. It is by valuing and promoting the work of artists that we render the music of the string quartet's instruments accessible, and offer a place of interaction, collaboration and innovation for musicians and the public. Through our aesthetics and our personalized services, which satisfy both music lovers and neophytes, we forge close connections between musicians, our audience and the community.


With the Résonance project, we are reinforcing our values, enhancing our committed corporate approach and reaffirming our desire for social anchoring and collective impact. Indeed, we are convinced that music is a powerful factor of social reconciliation by reaching and affecting the best of everyone. This is how we unite a community of actors seeking, not to be the best IN the world, but the best FOR the world.

La musique sait réconforter les aînés grâce au projet Résonance du Collectif de la Cité.

The spark behind the collective is the friendship of four string players, Marie-Pier, Marie-Christine, Marie-Noëlle and Pascale. It was this friendship that gave Marie-Pier the incentive to create a community of musicians united by the idea of collaboration. In 2018, we were a small team of 6 musicians based in Quebec with a common goal: to unite our know-how and our skills in order to make a decent living from our art, and to allow people to benefit from our expertise. This dual objective has been successful: we have since played in about fifty weddings, hosted as many corporate events, presented ten intimate concerts, offered 5 concerts to the general public in addition to now having a team of 20 musicians distributed between Quebec City and Montreal.

Collectif de la Cité : musique, concerts, instruments à cordes... et amitié!


Colectif de la Cité : la musique et l'amitié qui rayonnent
Le projet Résonance du Collectif de la Cité : pour tisser des liens entre les communauté


Solstice en St-Sauveur

Thanks to Action culture Saint-Sauveur and the Joujouthèque Basse-Ville , the  Durocher Park has been transformed into a magical place filled with music and wishes during the holiday season of the pandemic.

Solstice en St-Sauveur

Thanks to Action culture Saint-Sauveur and the Joujouthèque Basse-Ville , the  Durocher Park has been transformed into a magical place filled with music and wishes during the holiday season of the pandemic.

Musical Boxes

With our Musical Boxes, we bring string ensembles into schools and give the children a chance to enjoy unique experiences!

‘Me, when I am older, I want to play the violin!’

‘Every song makes me want to smile!’

‘The song sounds like a sunset!’

‘I would like to play music like you because it looks so fun!’

‘It creates a peaceful ambience.’

‘I am touched by every song.’

The Feel of a Party

Because the Joujouthèque Basse-Ville is an essential organization for the life of families in lower-town Quebec, working with them is always a pleasure. And because they do things their own unique way, their 2019 AGM took on the feel of a country picnic.

Spring Break Concert

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at the Joujouthèque Basse-Ville’s spring break day camp by presenting a children’s version of our Celtic Stories concert.

Benefit Event for

Autisme Québec

We had the pleasure of participating in the 2019 edition of the Bal des Jeunes philanthropes de Québec for the benefit of Autisme Québec.

Day Camp at the Joujouthèque

We organized an outdoor music station at the Joujouthèque Basse-Ville day camp. A monster success!

Recreational Mornings

The Recreational Mornings of the Joujouthèque Basse-Ville are a privileged moment of exchange for parents and their preschool children. We love working with them!