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My winter wedding

After witnessing so many weddings as a cellist, it will soon be my turn to say I DO to the man of my dreams! Because of how crazy the summer season gets with the Collectif de la Cité and because my partner loves winter, we decided to celebrate our union in March! Despite the backlash that this month might be getting as we are often wishing for the nice weather to return, we decided to fill it with love and happiness. As soon as I mention this event coming up, questions start to arise. Have you chosen the music yet? Will there be live music during the ceremony? Will the Collective be there?

We’ve mentioned it many times before but it’s true; at the Collective, we work with our friends. Therefore, you can guess that many of our musicians will be attending the wedding! That being said, my partner and I want a festive ceremony that represents us and our family. It only makes sense that a lot of music will be played… by our closest circle! The Collective will not be playing throughout the full ceremony, but you will hear some string quartet. OBVIOUSLY, that’s what I prefer! My fiancé, our 4 kids and I, while all being musicians (cellist, violinist, pianist and guitarist/accordionist), have a few musical surprises for our guests!

Choosing our wedding music is no simple task; we love so many things! It seems like there are so many options, whether it be for the ceremony, the first dance, or anything in between. I now understand why all our clients ask for advice during our first meeting… one would feel disoriented with so many choices to make! The most important thing is to choose pieces and songs that will speak to us and represent us in a special way. Therefore, there’s no way we’re going to use the trendy wedding songs of the year. Curious about our final choices? You’ll have to wait patiently until March 4th!

Crédit: Jennifer Marcuson


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