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The ideal mood

“As soon as we had our first meeting, Marie-Noëlle installed an immediate feeling of trust and checked all the boxes for the ceremony music! A huge thanks” - Vincent & Vicky

Vincent and Vicky knew exactly what they wanted in terms of musical choices to set the right tone to their ceremony. They wanted something light, festive and modern; a ceremony filled with pop music! Music has such an important role in a wedding; it is of the utmost importance that we recreate exactly what the couple is imagining.

We took the time to arrange for string quartet all the pieces that Vicky and Vincent chose and we took care of suggesting more pieces that would perfectly complement the style that they were going for. We were so happy with the final result of this ceremony entirely surrounded by pop music; most of the pieces we played that day were new to us! We totally fell for Feel it Still (Portugal the Man), Ophelia (The Lumineers), Something Just Like This (The Chainsmokers & Coldplay) and Happy (Pharrell Williams).

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