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Why we love playing for corporate events.

Team work makes the dream work! That is the core value of our business. We truly believe that partnerships are powerful. They allow talents, strengths and creativity to double, triple even! Along the years, we’ve met inspiring entrepreneurs that care about details, professionalism and client relationships just as much as we do. Therefore, we understand why corporate events are so important. They give a meaning to an enterprise’s culture. As a member of a string quartet, playing music for such events is a way to create a relaxed ambiance and a place where connections and communication are key to a brighter future. The collaboration coming from the chemistry between our violinists, violists and cellists transmits to the guests even without them noticing! Hiring musicians for your event means making sure you’ll get a result that’s curated for your needs.

There is an event that we love to be a part of. Every year, one of our corporate client puts together a week of team-building. Over 300 employees from all over the world get together at the Fairmont Manoir Richelieu in Charlevoix, Quebec. They have conferences, team-building activities and time to reflect on where the business is going. They close that week with a gala ball that we get to play for. During that evening, a string quartet welcomes guests in the grand entrance hall to the sound of baroque and classical pieces. Throughout the meal, our musicians change the ambiance as they dive into popular music arranged for string quartet. That way, we can offer entertainment while setting the tone for the different parts of the evening.

For all of us here at the Collectif de la Cité, playing music for your corporate events is a lot more than entertainment. It’s a way to transmit our values and our enterprise culture through events that bring us together.

En formule quatuor à corde pour un événement corporatif!
Our musicians at the Fairmont Hotel for a corporate event. Photo credit: Stéphane Audet


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